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Publishers Weekly 
“With a literal ocean of options for seafood, Hunt looks to make choosing and cooking fish as easy as possible. With sections on each of the major kinds of fish, including bivalves, crustaceans, and also ‘sometimes forgotten seafood,’ all aspects of preparing a pescetarian feast are covered. . . .fine guidebook for learning to deal with a cornucopia of seafood.”

Irene Sax, “Good Enough to Read: Best Cookbooks for Giving and Getting,” Weight Watchers
“Check out our top 10 favorite titles of 2013 and start making your lists. Fish Market: A Cookbook for Selecting and Preparing Seafood by Kathy Hunt …why should you buy a whole book on the subject? Because simplicity takes many forms. Think of shrimp cocktail. (Have you ever wondered why more people don’t make and serve this at home?) Think of tuna and white bean salad, swordfish tacos or fried calamari. Hunt’s advice on choosing fish, and her attention to sustainability, make this a good guide for those wanting to add more seafood to their meals.”

Kate Parham Kordsmeier, “Out of the Shell,” Costco Magazine
“It’s summertime and perhaps no ingredient is more appropriate for your next cookout than meaty mollusks, such as mussels, clams and cockles. ‘Quick to prepare and easy to pair with a wealth of ingredients, they are a time-pressed cook’s friend, as well as crowd-pleasing fare,’ assures Kathy Hunt, food writer, cooking instructor and author of Fish Market . . ..”

Rebecca Sodergren, “Grove City Grad Knows Her Fish . . . Now,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“Kathy Hunt’s fish-based diet had its beginnings in her childhood home of New Castle, but her idea of what constitutes a fish dinner has progressed a great deal since then. While Ms. Hunt supports buying fresh, sustainable seafood, she also recognizes the challenges faced by inhabitants of landlocked cities such as Pittsburgh.”

T. Susan Chang, author and reviewer for NPR’s Kitchen Window
On the 2013 summer Cookbook’s for Dinner shortlist “Best Gift for the Beach Cottage Fish Market: A Cookbook for Selecting and Preparing Seafood, by Kathy Hunt”

Nicolette Milholin, Montgomery News
“Tackling the gamut of seafood and fishes, Hunt’s undertaking is a well-researched essential tool for any cook’s kitchen. Delicious recipes are the heart of this cookbook, but what makes it so vital is a solid foundation of how one goes about incorporating seafood into his or her repertoire. From how to select, cut and clean various fishes to what cooking equipment and ingredients to have on hand, Fish Market covers it all, so fear fish no longer.”

New Castle News
“Area residents who like seafood will go for this hook, line and sinker.”

Jim Breslin, The Town Dish
“With catchy names, like “A Bevy of Bivalves” and “A Collection of Crustaceans,” Fish Market caters to even the most novice of cooks with organization and clarity. As we head into the summer season, Fish Market is a refreshing new cookbook for those interested in expanding their repertoire of summer dishes to include fish and shellfish in a ecological and sustainable way.”

Brande Plotnick, Tomato Envy
“. . . equal parts inspiration and gently authoritative instruction for sourcing, preparing, and enjoying many, many types of seafood. She brings a wordliness and expertise to Fish Market that has made me smarter and more courageous when it comes to seafood.”

Francine Segan, author of Dolci: Italy’s Sweets and Opera Lover’s Cookbook
“Destined to become a classic, Fish Market is the only seafood cookbook you’ll ever need! Deftly written, with clear, easy-to-follow directions. Perfectly spiced with helpful hints, Kathy’s splendid book both demystifies and inspires. Enticing recipes, from simple to sublime, are perfect for both experienced gourmets who would like to discover new types of fish and novice cooks wanting to eat less meat.”

Louisa Kasdon, The Phoenix Magazine
“I love this book! It takes the grim out of the seafood and sustainability conversation and replaces it with joy. Love the fish-by-fish recipes with offbeat but easy flavors. Makes me want to try out a new fish, and new fish recipe, every day of the week.”

Melissa Kogut, executive director of Chefs Collaborative
“Fish Market is an invitation to be adventurous and to make sustainable choices when it comes to eating and preparing seafood—and also a wonderful personal chronicle of a food journey.”

Liliana Tommasini, My Cookbook Addiction
“Fish Market – A Cookbook for Selecting and Preparing Seafood by Kathy Hunt is a must have cookbook to guide you in purchasing and preparing fish and seafood.”

Broadway Panhandler, Toque Talk
“With more than 130 recipes, FISH MARKET features nearly 50 types of fish, from bivalves to crustaceans, firm fish to flaky, offering delicious preparations for every type of seafood and guiding you step by step through wholesome and succulent seafood dining. The book provides eco-ratings for each fish so you can determine which are the most ecologically friendly to consume as well as provides questions to ask your local fish monger.”

Kitchen Arts & Letters
“This simple guide to selecting and preparing fresh and saltwater denizens offers solid instruction and a wide range of flavorful recipes for the inexperienced seafood cook whose palate is more advanced than his or her skills. Hunt, a syndicated food writer for the Tribune Company, arranges her recipes by the characteristics of the seafood (bivalves; crustaceans; small, savory oily fish; mild, white-fleshed fish; etc), and generally includes a classic preparation before offering a more adventurous dish, such as a barbecued croaker salad or chermoula-coated striped bass.”

The Organic Kitchen
“If you are a big seafood eater or simply want to add more seafood to your diet you are going to love this book!”

Whole Foods Magazine
“Fish Market by Kathy Hunt is a cookbook for all seafood lovers.The book is organized by seafood type, from bivalves to different kinds of fish, and offers information on the nutritional value of each category of seafood, as well as instructions on how to prepare it within a number of recipes.”